The Librarian: Quest for the Spear! New Year Musing

I rented this cheesy Raiders of the Lost Ark take-off starring Noah Wylie as "THEE Librarian." It's a fun little romp of an adventure but production values clearly not up to Spielberg standards with continuity problems and well, a tv budget rather than a Raiders collosal budget.

But... enough about the film itself. It's the concept I kinda liked. Flynn Carson - the main character -is portrayed as a really smart guy with a gazillion degrees, yet he is rather lacking in social skills and typically - no girl on his arm. So of COURSE he is "the chosen one" to become "THEE librarian" the protector of the great artifacts of the world. With the side kick - a blond, female, kick boxing expert! Better we librraians and information managers than the archivists I guess! Is there anything realistically librarian or information related at all? No, but it's a fun ride. Rent it and enjoy. Don't take it seriously though or the disappointment will set in. Noah Wylie... it could have been worse.... Claude Van Dam? Mike Bullard? Martin Short?

People always assume we librarians are super smart. They will until they play Trivial Pursuit with me! I don't do well at that game. I can't play it - I don't keep that stuff in my head. Why would I?

Has this ever happened to any of you?

" You're a librarian? Man you must be smart!" (if only!)

"Well, after meeting some of the bright lights coming out of our library and information management programmes these days, I doubt I'd even get IN to any of the schools let alone graduate!" (I will say though my years of experience on the job does count for something. I know I wouldn't hire Flynn Carson for my library!)

"I'll bet you're a great Trivial Pursuit player!" All the time!

My response has become... " no... I don't do well playing that game."

Look of great confusion..... I quickly retort... "but I can find the answer to any question on that board!" Okay... no points but plenty of personal satisfaction. It's more about image isn't it!

The Noah Wylie image, ( pesonally I am still a fan of Katherine Hepburn in Desk Set) the retrievers of answers to any and all questions, the information professional! Fighting for the super hero status? I'd settle for come to me first before wasting hours trying to surf though thousands of Google hits!

This is a never ending quest for us in the real world! In the meantime, it's a New Year. Let's celebrate and dance on the tables. That should shake up images aplenty!

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