FIS PLC Courses in Ottawa this Spring

The Faculty of Information Studies' Professional Learning Centre offers the following courses in Ottawa this spring. Registration is currently open for all these courses.

Note: The March session of RM Fundamentals is sold out; another session coming up in May.
Dates for spring/summer session of Change Leadership will be posted in the coming weeks.

Applied Strategic and Business Planning
Dates: April 2-3 (12 hours)
Instructor: Rebecca Jones

This course is designed to lead participants through both the business and strategic planning processes. Participants will leave the course with an understanding of the synergistic relationship between strategic and business planning; a draft business plan for their enterprise, and a working understanding of the tools and processes used in business planning.

  • "I really liked the practical aspects of the course. It will be very useful for my own work"
  • "The instructors were wonderful - animated, funny and very personable. They encouraged participation and certainly made all of us feel included in every step of the learning process.The dynamics of the course were such that you wanted the experience to continue".
Project Management for Information Managers
Dates: April 26 - May 4 (18 hours)
Instructor: Jane Neath

The full 3-day course is for those information professionals responsible for managing a project, regardless of how large or small that project may be. This is a unique opportunity to implement what you've learned in your work environment, and then return to the classroom to continue building those skills and discussing your experiences with a knowledgeable, experienced instructor and fellow students.
  • "I would recommend this course highly to my colleagues".
  • "Excellent speaker, very clear, well organized, good facilitator in getting everyone to participate"
  • "Jane is an excellent instructor! She knows her material well and created a fun learning environment".
Influencing Decision Making: Strategies for Getting Results You Want
Dates: May 1- 2 (12 hours)
Instructors: Susan Geary & Lorraine Clemes Treleaven

Great managers are great communicators. As organizations compete for scarce resources in a rapidly changing environment, information and knowledge managers need strong management communication skills. This course will introduce you to a framework for planning, creating and delivering your message when you are attempting to influence others around a management goal -- be they bosses, colleagues, staff, or other stakeholders. At the end of the workshop, you will have developed a series of practical strategies for influencing others one-on-one, within a team or when presenting to others.
  • "The course met my needs exactly -- the feedback was a positive experience, both for the suggestions for improvements and the comments"
  • "Great course. I found the instructors very knowledgeable and helpful. They held everyone's interest, encouraged everyone to participate and kept everything going at a nice pace. I was never bored."
  • "The format of the course with group work, discussions, interaction, impromptu speeches and presentations, works very well."
Copyright in A-V: Sound Recordings and Moving Images
Date: May 10 (6 hours)
Instructor: Jane Dryden

This is the third course in the PLC Copyright series. The application of copyright law to audio-visual materials is particularly challenging. The rules are complex, and not always easy to understand or apply. Furthermore, rapid advances in digital and communications technologies have made it possible to store, copy, and transmit vast quantities of information more cheaply and quickly than ever before, and the application of copyright in the digital environment presents an additional challenge.
  • "Jean is a very articulate, funny, and well-organized workshop leader. She allowed for great discussion but was able to keep the course on track."
  • "The instructor was successful in taking the subject and breaking it down into small bite-size understandable pieces. This was a worthwhile investment of my time".
  • "Fabulous! Great help and thorough information. Thank you!"
Certificate in Records Management Fundamentals
Dates: May 28-June 1 (Five one-day courses)

This program does not assume prior knowledge or experience of records management. However, records management practitioners who have been working without the benefit of formal education in the field will also benefit from this program which provides a well-rounded introduction to the basic skills of the profession. Offered jointly by PLC and ARMA, NCR Chapter.
  • "Thank you all for your dedication and collaborative efforts in making these educational opportunities available by your top notch instructors! It was a great learning experience."
  • "It's great to have different profs for each course because each instructor brings a different experience, story, terminology to the class."

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