The GoC Big Three

First of all, this is my personal opinion and not the opinion of anyone else on the CASLIS executive nor of my place of employment or anyone else. Although they are all probably thinking it!

Now... I may not be Rick Mercer, but really, I do feel a walking rant coming on. Watch for it.

* RANT ON* Is it just me, or has anyone else been noticing that our top library jobs are either NOT being posted or classified in LS or ... they're not hiring librarians?

The *big three* jobs in Ottawa are now taken by non-librarians. This should be a serious concern to those interested in these big time hot shot jobs. A HUGE concern. If we can't get our top positions filled by qualified, MLIS go-getters, WHAT in heavens name does that do for the rest of us? What are our career options? Where do we go from here? And why am I the only one ranting?

Has anyone else besides me noticed that several postings lately require some skill in heavy duty searching just to find them in Publiserv Job Opportunities? While the competencies and skill sets sorta look like those that we information professionals carry, they're being classified as PM and AS. Why did those before us fight the equity battle for starters and now we're being unclassified out of our own professional category. This is NOT a good thing.

Some would say... classify me where ever you want as long as I get the equal pay. Here's the thing... we do not get the same pay. And really it's more than the money. It speaks to us as professionals, as people belong to a group and finally status.

Absolutely - status.

Do you think for one minute that lawyers in government would take jobs as lawyers if they were classified into a PM category? What about finance/accounting specialists? And don't get me going about the computer scientists.
I am a librarian/information professional. I want an LS classification. Keep your AS and your PM! So... our "leaders" have no indoctrination into our professional work, their managers are taking LS positions, insisting on the LS competencies but not classifying accordingly.

And no one is talking.

This can't be good. *RANT OFF*


Anonymous said...

The GoC Big Three being the heads of LAC, CISTI and Library of Parliament, right?

Anonymous said...

That would be correct! Those ARE indeec the BIG Three!

Info Updates CASLIS Ottawa said...

Yes.. these are the BIG Three: Library of Parliament, CISTI, and Library and Archives Canada.