Ottawa Public Library Board meeting - February 5, 2007

Ottawa Public Library Board's first meeting with the new board takes place on Monday. The agenda with associated documents (Chief Librarian's monthly reports, 2007 Budget documents, etc.) are available from the Ottawa Public Library Web site.

The new board members are:

  • Paula Agulnik
  • Councillor Michel Bellemare
  • James Bennett
  • AndrĂ© Bergeron
  • Bernard Clavel
  • Councillor Peggy Feltmate
  • Councillor Jan Harder
  • Councillor Diane Holmes
  • Murray E. MacLean
  • Anthony Manera
  • Vicki Metcalfe
  • Councillor Shad Qadri
  • Pamela Sweet
  • Councillor Marianne Wilkinson
The new board chair and vice-chair will be elected at Monday's meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Oh good. Let's hope the library elects or appoints a chair for the Library who actually gets it. Someone who doesn't crack really bad librarian jokes at librarians' conferences. Best wishes to OPL and their New Board