CLA Members: Please Vote!

Just a little reminder that if you haven't already done so, please vote in the CLA-wide and Division elections at your earliest convenience. As of April 12, 2007 – halfway through the polling period – less than 10 percent of members have voted so far.

The Elections brochure is on CLA's public Website.

Both the same Elections brochure and your ballot(s) are on CLA's members-only Website.

Electronic voting is fast and easy! You might find it easiest to have both the Election brochure and the ballot open at the same time and toggle (hold down Alt key and hit Tab key) or click between them, so that you can read about the candidates and then immediately cast your ballot. If you have any difficulty accessing your ballots, please contact Brenda Shields, bshields@cla.ca.

The polls close midnight Eastern time on April 26, 2007.


Note re: CLA Members-Only site:

CLA Members are assigned an initial login name of "cla#####" (where the ##### is your five-digit member number) and password of "aaa#####" (where aaa is the first three letters of your last name and ##### is your five-digit member number). Members can, and should, change both their login name and password.

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