The Role of a 21st Century Librarian: Barbara Clubb Audio Interview with Nigel Beale

Nigel Beale, the host/producer of CKCU's The Biblio File, has posted an interview he conducted last August with City Librarian Barbara Clubb on the role of a 21st Century librarian.

In this fascinating, wide ranging conversation we talk about the role of a city librarian now, at the turn of the 21 century; about library as place…where loitering is okay; accessibility, prescriptive versus reflective provision of information; the move from education to recreation and culture; Harry Potter in plastic; downloading copyrighted books; the zero list; a contest between librarians and Google; leveraging Google; the book as client versus people as clients; nine million items going in and out; and the necessity for librarians to be the opposite of their anti-social stereotype.
The 52 minute interview can be listed to on his site or downloaded as a MP3 file.

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