RDA 101: Resource Description and Access

Thanks to Lara Andrews of the Canadian Agriculture Library for volunteering to write a summary of the RDA 101 session organized by CASLIS Ottawa last month.

The speaker's notes are available in PDF in the eCommunity for CASLIS Ottawa members.


On April 4th, 2007 CASLIS Ottawa held a brown bag lunch session on RDA at Library and Archives Canada. Almost 100 librarians from special libraries across the National Capital Region attended the session. The session was presented by Tom Delsey, RDA editor, who touted RDA as the “the new standard resource description access designed for the digital world.” During his presentation Delsey provided the audience with a succinct introduction to what RDA is, how it will be used, and its implementation.

An initiative by the Canadian, British, US and Australian National Libraries, RDA’s time line for adoption has it fully integrated by 2010. Delsey explained that RDA would function as an online database of guidelines and instructions with templates and work sheets built into the database.

During and prior to its adoption, training packages will be developed and distributed to libraries and librarians across the world. Coupled with this, library schools will play an integral role in the education of future librarians in the use and implementation of RDA.

In its current format, RDA will be an English language product, however, its translation is also a possibility depending on demand.

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