Vubis Smart at Canadian Heritage

The Knowledge Centre at Canadian Heritage is delighted to announce the successful implementation and launch of a new and leading-edge integrated library system, Vubis Smart, from Infor Global Solutions. Vubis Smart replaces the Geac Advance / GeoWeb system that has served library staff and clients since 1993.

Vubis Smart offers clients a next generation online library catalogue called Vubis Web with advanced search and interactive features to discover library collections. Vubis Web may be accessed at http://vubisweb.pch.gc.ca

This implementation represents the first adoption of Vubis Smart by a Canadian federal government library and consists of a partnership between Canadian Heritage, Status of Women Canada, Parks Canada Agency and the Canadian Transportation Agency. Administered by the Canadian Heritage Knowledge Centre library staff, the new system will bring to these organizations a new level of functionality in managing and searching their library collections.

Informed decision-making requires desktop-delivered tools that enable staff to access rich content and create records of business value. Purchasing a new library system was an action plan item of recent Canadian Heritage Information Management Capacity Check (IMCC) and the resulting departmental Information Management (IM) Strategy.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Knowledge Centre at (819) 953-0527 or by e-mail at pch_library@pch.gc.ca

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