Bridging IT and LIS

Michael Ridley, the University of Guelph's Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Librarian, has an article in The Ontarion about how LIS and IT professionals can work together.

Let's dispense with the images of the shushing librarian with bad shoes and hair in a bun and the computer geek living in a basement, speaking Vulcan and possessing the social skills of a brick. Librarians and IT professionals are cool people. Having said that, they have very different views of the world. Different values, really.


One of the technologies we'll be implementing soon is called Eduroam ('educational roaming') which means you can then access all the resources and services of the Library wherever you are – the Library will follow you around the province, the country, the world. See? Great things happen when techies and librarians work together.

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