CLA 2009 National Conference and Trade Show: Call for Proposals

CLA 2009 National Conference and Trade Show
Palais des congrès de Montréal
Friday, May 29 to Monday, June 1

Call for Proposals
Deadline for Submissions: November 3, 2008

Any individual or group is eligible to submit a proposal for a Program, Poster or Peer Reviewed Session. These submissions form more than 90% of the programming and we encourage everyone to participate. All proposals are subject to approval by Program Committee.

Program Sessions:
  • Short presentation of 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions
  • Practical workshop of 90 minutes (presentation, roundtable discussion, sharing)
  • Policy workshop of 90 minutes focusing on current advocacy efforts of CLA
Peer-reviewed Research Sessions:
Share library-based research findings of any type, presentations are 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.

Poster Presentations:
Display boards and one-on-one discussions at set time

Proposal Form
  • All submissions must use this electronic format;
  • Provide complete mailing address, including telephone and email of proposer(s), convenor, all speakers, panelists, presenters;
  • Review Guidelines for Eligible Fees & Expenses, submit budget form and Audiovisual requirements with proposal; and
  • Indicate type of session (poster, presentation, peer reviewed)
Format & Content
  • All proposals should be submitted in language of presentation (English or French);
  • Proposals must be within the field provided with no more than 250 words, excluding title; and
  • Organize proposals by Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusion
Selection Criteria
Each submission should include the following criteria:
  • Identify 3 things participants will take away from the session
  • Identify the target audience
  • Identify if subject matter is a Current or Future issue
  • Identify if subject matter has National relevance or application
  • Identify if subject matter covers a Local perspective (host city) with national relevance or applications
  • Identify if subject matter is Practical versus Theoretical or a mix of both
  • Identify speaker(s) experience (new to CLA conference or previous conference speaker(s))

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