Canadian Candidates for IFLA

Canadian candidate for President-elect

Ingrid Parent, Assistant Deputy Minister at Library and Archives Canada (and newly appointed University Librarian at the University of British Columbia), is a candidate for the post of IFLA President-elect. If elected, she will become the first Canadian President of IFLA. Ingrid has extensive experience in IFLA governance, and has contributed to a wide variety of international committees. You can find Ingrid’s President-elect statement, along with details of her career and activities, on her website.

Canadian candidate for the Governing Board

Paul Whitney, City Librarian for the Vancouver Public Library, is running as a candidate for the IFLA Governing Board. He has been active in IFLA for more than a decade, and is currently an Expert Resource Person for the IFLA Copyright and Other Legal Matters (CLM) Committee. With extensive experience in national and international professional organizations, Paul now hopes to bring his many skills and talents to the IFLA Board.

Canadian Candidates in Standing Committee elections

A number of the Standing Committees of IFLA Sections are also holding elections, and there are Canadian candidates on many of these slates as well. IFLA voting members will receive the ballot papers for those Sections in which they are registered.

CLA encourages all Canadian voting members of IFLA to cast their ballots in this election.

The Statements of Candidacy for all individuals who are standing for IFLA President-elect and Governing Board can be found on the IFLA website.

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