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September 22, 2009 - Turbulent Times: What's in It for Libraries?
Teleconference with Jan Harder and Barbara Clubb

Across the country, we are all feeling the effects of the economic climate: from manufacturing job losses and falling stock values to depreciating housing prices and pension plans, everyone is faced with concerns about the future.

Libraries now have an opportunity to demonstrate, clearly and forcefully, the vital impact they have on their communities and users. This message is often subdued or lost in better times - now is the chance for libraries to emphasize their value to society and the return on investment they generate. Libraries of all sorts provide the opportunity for anyone, regardless of circumstances, to gain access to the information and resources they need to equip themselves to face future challenges.

This is also a time to lobby those who fund libraries. And we approach them not looking for bail-outs or hand-outs, but for investment into stable institutions with growing client lists and increasing demands for services. Investment in libraries addresses needs that have positive outcomes: research and study, job skills development, entertainment, community building. We will feature a panel of speakers who will provide expert advice, tips on advocacy, and insights into how to turn current challenges into opportunities for change.

October 26, 2009 - Connecting With Our Clients: Marketing and Communicating Information Services
London, Ontario

This one day seminar will explore how we can connect with our clients through marketing and communications.

Over the course the day participants will have an opportunity to learn:

  • how to successfully brand your information service;
  • how to get and keep the attention of stakeholders;
  • how to develop a communications strategy; and
  • how to build compelling business cases.
Speakers include Ulla de Stricker and Janine Schmidt.

Registration details for both events will be available from the CLA website on September 1, 2009.

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