Reality Shows for Librarians and Like-Minded Fans

On the eve of the new television season, the students in the MLIS programme at The University of Western Ontario have compiled a list of reality shows for librarians.

Samples include:

  • Dancing With The Saurus – students are paired up, given a thesaurus and try to diversify their sentences. Judged by a librarian, a writer and an English teacher, Heaven help them if they use 'like' improperly in front of the mean English teacher.
  • Jon and Kate Ask Eight – really tough reference questions in a bid to stump a panel of paparazzi reference librarians.
  • Sci Fi for the Sporty Guy – two nerds try to get jocks to read Asimov and Bradbury.
  • The Week the Internet Left Town – professional librarians answer questions without Wikipedia or Google Scholar.

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