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Hawk's Eye on Public Libraries is a new monthly summary of key news and data that impacts public libraries in Canada. Like the kestrel we're named for, Hawk's Eye scans the landscape every day, finds what's most important, focuses in, and retrieves it. We retrieve the news, and search for the data that make a strategic difference to your library. We summarize the central facts, and link to online items so you can get the full story when you need it. Go directly to this month's content.

In an era of unprecedented change, Hawk's Eye on Public Libraries is designed to make a fundamental contribution to your library's success. The economy, national and local demographics, technological advances, and new patterns of library use - these are just some of the issues demanding a response from every public library system in Canada. More than ever librarians need to be well informed.

We bring you a single source for keeping you and your staff on top of current issues. Hawk's Eye's main audience is public library leaders, decision-makers and strategists, but with one single, system-wide subscription to Hawk's Eye you can give every librarian easy access to a monthly shot of Canadian-based library awareness. Give your librarians the gift of current data, and see how much more they give back. As staff awareness of library and socio-economic trends increases, watch how contextual understanding deepens, ideas flourish, and staff readiness for change spreads. 

Our top goal is to give Canadian libraries Canadian context. We check relevant sources regularly - and some we check daily. As well as Canadian sources, we scan information from around the English-speaking world and present a Canadian perspective on what's happening in your region, in Canada, and beyond.

Our second goal is to have every public library and librarian in Canada access Hawk's Eye. To this end, our subscription rates are tiered to make Hawk's Eye affordable to every public library. From January 2010, Hawk's Eye will be published monthly. Go to subscription data for 2010.

Please enjoy the November and December editions with our compliments. Join our mailing list to receive December's Hawk's Eye on Public Libraries free of obligation. Forward Hawk's Eye to a colleague, and tell us what you think about our publication.

Frances Stocker, BA, MCLIP
Kestrel Info Services

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