Call for Submissions: The NCR Fall IM Days

The ARMA NCR Fall conference creates an opportunity for all of the private and public IM functional community to gather, share and learn from each other. This conference will provide the NCR with a chance to discuss “Information Culture.”
Information Culture deals with methods, approaches, techniques and contemporary technologies that can be used to influence the way people work. Information Culture: Managing for Today, Preparing for tomorrow will be the place to meet and discuss new ways of ensuring that IM not only remains relevant to clients but that it is also a strong, vibrant domain within the work culture.
Submission deadline: Friday September 3rd, 2010. For information on the submission process visit:  Call for Submissions: The NCR Fall IM Days  
For more information, please visit www.imdays.ca

*Please note the PDF indicates an incorrect submission deadline at the bottom; the correct deadline is the one stated at the beginning - September 3rd*

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