January Session: Open data, data flows and bottlenecks

Join us for a discussion of the benefits and challenges of living in a world increasingly fuelled by easily available and often insightful data. Access to data of all kinds is fuelling new models of business, increasing political accountability and encouraging individuals to take on local and global problems from the comfort of their keyboard. It is also forcing Canadians to debate – for the first time – fundamental concepts like privacy, transparency and accountability.

Speaker: Colin McKay, Director of Research, Education and Outreach, Office of the Privacy Commissioner

As Director of Research, Education and Outreach at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Colin and his team work on simple solutions that encourage Canadians to really think about how their identify is shaped by their own actions, by the intervention of the state, and through everyday interaction with commercial organizations. They look to research in sociology, law, technology and economics to anticipate challenges to the privacy rights of Canadians.

When: Tuesday, January 18th, 2011, 1-4pm 
Where: Ottawa Public Library, 120 Metcalfe, Auditorium 

  • CLA Members - $20
  • CLA Student Members - $10
  • New Professionals (those working in the field for less than two years) - $15
  • Non-members - $30
  • Student Non-members - $15
  • Members of other professional associations (SLA, LANCR, OALT, etc.) - $25 
To register, please send an e-mail with your name and membership/student status to: rsvp@caslisottawa.on.ca.

If you require a receipt for this event please include a request with your RSVP before Friday January 14, 2011.

For more information, please contact CLA-CASLIS Ottawa at info@caslisottawa.on.ca

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