It has been a long while

In blog terms it has been forever. How do all these bloggers do it? I have found that the most successful bloggers are those who keep it short. Don't try writing an essay every day. It will kill you!

A couple of news items for you who keep trying to check in with us.

The CLA Conference here in Ottawa was a huge success I believe! Yours truly was on a panel with my colleague Marjorie Whalen discussing the future of the special library.


Interesting for me... I'd been asked something very similar on the job... the work we did here came in handy. We had some lively discussions during the session. Maggie Weaver did a great job as our Oprah.

A highlight for me is meeting our new librarians. Many of us were mentors this year... taking several of our newbies under the proverbial wing. Keen, interested, and as passionate as I was, I do believe that our libraries, information centres and and information management services are going to be in good hands. It was a pleasure talking to so many new people during the First Timers Breakfast and other events during conference.

A real highlight for me was the closing ceremonies... Terry Kelly, the composer of the killer November 11th ballad A Pittance of Time, wrote what I expect will be another smash about literacy. Having worked in the field for a short period of time... I really caught what literacy is about in all its nuances. And so has Terry. Libraries everywhere should be using this song as an anthem. And yes... there IS a role for special librarians in the world of literacy. ( not during this post)

And as always.. conference IS about seeing people one hasn't seen since the last conference. It has been some time since I was at a CLA Conference. I personally enjoyed every bit. Thanks to the hard working staff who had some real challenges moving us between two distinct venues this year. If there was anything out of whack.. we didn't see it!

COMING UP THIS WEEK A jointly sponsored session between CASLIS Ottawa and Council of Federal Libraries August 16 - our networking session with area coop and summer students from library schools and employers in the federal government. Speed networking, career planning, and of course... a little bit to munch on. Join us at 1 PM at LAC for an afternoon of meet, greet and eat!

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Anonymous said...

thank you everyone for a great session. i'd love to know why there weren't any students there from that school in central Ontario??