Libraries and Elections

It's municipal election time in Ontario. Monday November 13th is election day.

CASLIS Chapters here in Ottawa and elsewhere are usually the only local face of the Canadian Library Assocation. Many of our local CASLIS members do not work in special libraries. Many of them work in the public libaries around the region and join our chapter to be involved.

We CASLIS members need to ask our local politicians about their support for and interest in the public libraries in our communities. Those of you who know me have learned that I cut my teeth in public libaries. They are my first love in libaries. Corny perhaps... but these are the librarians who mentored me, worked with me and taught me a lot about the concept of "service." Thank you Winnipeg and Saskatoon Public Libary and Nova Scotia regionals!

Ask your local politicians what their platform is concerning libaries. What are they going to do to ensure health, growth and ongoing development of the public libaries where you live. I would also challenge politicians to deliver a better than " I love libaries - motherhood and apple pie" type comments I want to hear how local politicians will support the tehcnological growth, programmes for kids and adults, collections. What do they know?


Challenge your candidates. Get them talking. Educate them if need be. If we don't do it.... who will?

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