Programme Changes November 2006

We are barely into a new programme year and already we've had to re-configure some of our planned events due to the usual "unforeseen circumstances!"

The November 1st session will now take place either November 16th or 23rd. It has morphed into a Brown Bag lunch session on Finding Your Freedom... 55 and Beyond! Pre retirement planning for librarians.

Watch this space and all the usual dist-lists for more information on what we KNOW is a keen topic of interest for those 45% of NCR librarians on the road to Freedom 55 and more! (Personally, I am on the Freedom 75 plan and probably need to hear this talk more than anyone!)

We plan to have a recently retired and oh so busy(former) librarian as well as a pre retirement planning expert talk about the critical issues facing the Freedom Finders. What are the big things people worry about that... are not a worry? What do they not count on? What do you need to plan for? money? activities? health?

Hear about this and more in a short session over lunch. Bring your own brown bag and we'll provide beverages and dessert. Details to follow as we nail down what we know is a hot topic around town!

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