New CLA Executive Council Members Elected!

CLA Members have cast their ballots in the elections for the positions of CLA Treasurer and Councillor-at-Large.

Ingrid Langhammer has been elected to the office of CLA Treasurer. Ingrid has twice served as Treasurer for the CASLIS National executive, and is currently Treasurer for the CASLIS Edmonton Chapter. Now retired, Ingrid was formerly a Systems Librarian at the Alberta Legislature Library.

Victoria Owen, Head Librarian at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, is CLA’s new Councillor-at-Large. Victoria has a strong interest in copyright issues, and has experience with the Copyright and Other Legal Matters Committee of IFLA.

Keith Walker, newly appointed Director and CEO of Lethbridge Public Library, was acclaimed as CLA’s new Vice-President/President-Elect for 2009-2010.

The Executive Council will also welcome two new Division Presidents at its meeting following the Montreal conference: Linda Shantz-Keresztes from the Canadian Association for School Libraries (CASL), and Pam Ryan from the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries (CACUL).

The Canadian Association of Public Libraries (CAPL) held two elections. Nancy MacKenzie from Calgary Public Library will assume the position of Vice-President/President-elect; and Trish Miller of Vancouver Public Library will hold the office of Councillor.

The Canadian Association of College and University Libraries (CACUL) held an election for the position of Director-at-Large. The successful candidate is Carol Shepstone from Mount Royal College.

Other Divisions and Sections either filled their vacancies by acclamation or will be electing representatives at their annual general meetings in May. For a complete list of the candidates, the positions filled, and the elections still to be held, visit the CLA website www.cla.ca and click on “Elections Central”.

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