The Hill Times Policy Briefing - Communications & Intellectual Property

This week's The Hill Times includes a series of articles about copyright legislation:

  • Canada’s future depends on being a leader in global digital economy, says Clement
    Q&A with Industry Minister Tony Clement
  • Copyright consultation provides blueprint for reform
    by Michael Geist
  • Getting it right: Tories must move from regressive to progressive copyright
    by NDP MP Charlie Angus
  • Introducing a copyright bill is kind of like swatting at a bee hive with a big stick
    With all the pressure for federal action on copyright reform, the government would rather not touch it. There are too many players pushing in too many directions.
    by Simon Doyle
  • Canada’s copyright regime is outdated and lags behind its major trading partners
    by Harris MacLeod
  • ‘There has never been a better time to live than right now’: Moore
    Speech by Heritage Minister James Moore delivered on June 22 on copyright and digital media.
  • Canada can capitalize on digital reality, unparalleled opportunities
    by Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore
  • Canadian Copyright collectives and Copyright Board after 20 years: does the system serve its purpose?
    by Howard Knopf
  • Canadian copyright’s just three things
    by Giuseppina D’Agostino
 The Policy Briefing can be downloaded from The Hill Times website.

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