It's AN EMERGENCY!! Not really but....

The following is a personal opinion not related to CLA, CASLIS, any particular public library, or especially any employer. But it begs to be mentioned and discussed. SOMETHING has got to be done here!

AGAIN in the news... people calling 911 for .... information. NOT emergencies at all... just.... regular run of the mill information. SEE: Ottawa Citizen C1 "Bogus emergency calls pour into OPP office" August 21, 2006.

OK... we can't DO anything about the people checking the speed dial on their phones who want to ensure that they have *really* got 911 programmed properly, but we must be able to do *something* to get our message out there... CALL the library..... ANY library! for reliable information that is readily available! This is the second time in less than a year that I've seen this stuff in the news.

Why call 911 when looking for someone to complain about a barking dog? Why call 911 when looking for directions on how to find the dump? This is all basic stuff that I can remember spending the majority of my time dealing with when I worked the ref desk at Saskatoon Public Library.

Let's figure out how to help our friends the OPP. Find a cop... any cop... I mean speed down the Queensway or into Arnprior just to let him/her know what you are willing to do for the information cause. The sacrifice will be worth it. Let's partner up with OPP, because haven't we always been told that "police are our friends!?" Well here's a real friendship waiting to develop.... big time!

We want to help put a stop to bogus 911 calls too. Let's figure out a campaign. In Vienna, Austria they have cardboard cut outs of police on the streets to deter crime... apparently, it works. How about we get some cardboard cut-outs of our favourite OPP officers, but ours would carry signs that say. Need Information? Call your library.... at work, at school or the public library! .. I mean... we're all in the same boat right? We all want the business. Let's do our bit to ban bogus 911 calls.

October is Library Month. Make it a project to ... find a cop..They have those very cool hats. Hard to miss! They drive cars that say OPP! Sacrifice the need for speed with the need for speedy information. Let's get them working with us! I said it before... police and librarians... could be a good fundraising calendar... we'll beat the firefighters...

As for those people who insist on testing their speed dial..... I got nuthin!

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